La Riposte

Join the "Core Group"

What is this Core Group, anyway?

It is intended to be a select set of dedicated readers, reviewers, and fellow authors who have not only read my stories, but truly enjoyed them. Could you be one of these people? Maybe. Like many independent authors, I have hundreds of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, but the fact that you were interested enough to click this link and read through this note sets you apart from the crowd. 

Now, before we go further, have you read one or both of my previously-released short stories and really enjoyed them? If the answer is yes, please continue, because I’d like to offer you the opportunity to be the first to read my future offerings for free. (On the other hand, if the answer is no, please read one or more of my works before requesting to join the Core Group - it's important to me that everyone in this exclusive club actually does like my writing!)

Still with me? Then please click here and send me a note telling me why you'd like to join, and I’ll start by sending you the Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of my latest short story, “Lethargica.” I have a lot more projects in the pipeline, so the coming months will bring tales of anthropomorphic mice, charming Princes, scandalous rakes, war-weary snipers, barbarian queens, Yugoslav artillerymen, and death from above, among other things.

In exchange for being the first to see these little tales, I'll send you an occasional note asking if you’d mind posting a review for a newly released story that you’ve already read and enjoyed, sharing a Facebook post if I’m hosting a book giveaway, making a recommendation on Goodreads, or voting on a Listopia entry. 

I'll also write from time to time asking for your feedback on recent reads, and believe me, your thoughts will be highly valued and may help shape the final format of future releases. But I’ll never share your address with anyone else, or send “promotional spam” – and you’re welcome to opt out at any time (or not join at all!)

So, drop me a line if you’re interested, and I will look forward to welcoming you into this exclusive little club... And if you're not interested, no worries! Thanks for dropping by! 

In any case, I wish you a very wonderful day!