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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Celebrity Status?

Almost everyone these days has a Facebook page; I now have two.

First, there's my own, with the usual assortment of family and friends... But now, there's another one, my "public figure" page as an author.

Not what I was expecting when I started my little experiment in self-publishing, which began with the release of Seven Lives to Repay Our Country, and will presently be continued with a new historical fiction short story (this one set in World War One).

However, if you're following me here, (or even just visiting) I'd cordially invite you to quickly pop over to and become a fan!

And for those of you who are authors, if you haven't created your "public figure" page on Facebook, you might consider doing so as a method to (a) gain publicity for your work, and (b) develop a degree of separation between your personal and professional life.

That's my perspective, but of course I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic.

Best always,

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