La Riposte

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Check-in from Camp Bastion...

Hmmm, you may be off to a rough start at ROW80 when you totally miss the first check-in, like I did on Wednesday! But, in my defense, I only missed it because I was so busy accomplishing all my weekly goals…

And it was an incentive for me to get my Sunday check-in done early, so here goes! A successful week in most areas:

- Posted a new chapter of The Perfidious Mister Wickham - where we discover how Lydia and Wickham became intimately entangled…
- Wrote Chapter 2 of my Learning Indonesian book… The Indonesian alphabet!
- Did the last bit of research needed to finish up Ho B-52 .

- Did a little research into a logo and domain registration for the Parasol Books imprint.

- Brainstormed marketing ideas for the short story collection.

- Added 5 lbs to my Bench Press, which brought me up to 195 lbs, or 1.2 times my own bodyweight.
- Bodyfat actually went up this week, but I’m not worried, because the test for it is notoriously finicky, and I’m confident my diet/workout routines will get me where I want to be.

- Knocked my goal of 5 hours of training out of the park! Finished off the last part of an 80-hour training syllabus, and started in on another course. Je comprend l’Francais a peu plus bien maintenant!

- Looking for 2 people to join my “Core Group” this week – anyone who does will get free books and advance copies of new material in exchange for reviews and critique… Are you interested? If so, leave a note here, or drop me a line directly to

So, that’s it for my goals!

Otherwise, life goes on in the desert… A quiet week, which is always good when you live in a warzone! I hope everyone is having a similarly productive start to their ROW, and I shall look forward to perusing the results as part of my effort to expand my social networks.

Best regards!


  1. You've accomplished a lot this week. Congratulations! As for Wednesday, well, getting the goals done is more important than checking in, right? At least, that's what I told myself whenever I would forget to check in on Wednesdays. (I've resigned myself to only checking in once a week b/c I just forget about Wednesday. *sighs*) Either way, you'

    Good luck on your goals and I hope you have another great (and quiet)week!

  2. Looks like you're off to a roaring start, on all fronts. Inspiring! =)

    I am thinking peacefully productive thoughts for you and your round.