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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ROW80, Listopia, eTLC, etc

Greetings, fellow readers and writers, from chilly Newport, Rhode Island, with a warm welcome to everyone arriving from the Beck Valley Books blog hop, and of course everyone participating in ROW80.

First, a small request for everyone who is a member of Goodreads - would you please consider clicking this link and voting for Happily Ever After (#3) and Seven Lives to Repay Our Country (#6) on this list of 99 cent fiction?

And, before we go much further, a link to a little humor - this office really knows how to pull together as a team to accomplish their goal! Kudos to Nicole Basaraba for inspiring me to try to put a few smiles in my ROW80 updates!

ROW80 update: It turns out I've been both more and less productive than I'd originally planned; I'm ahead in some areas, behind in others, and in at least one case, have gone totally off the reservation!

1. Submit 1 book proposal - DONE!

2. Publish 1 non-fiction book.

  • Translate all material: 10 Jan - DONE!
  • Edit all material: 15 Jan - Rescheduled to: 15 Mar
  • Publish: 16-21 Jan - Rescheduled to: 25 Mar

3. Publish 1 non-fiction article or essay online.

  • Finish draft: 20 Jan - Rescheduled to: 20 Feb
  • Submit for editing: 25 Jan - Rescheduled to: 25 Feb
  • See published: Apr issue of “Current Intelligence

4. Publish 1 more short story on Amazon.

This is the interesting one. The story I was originally planning to self-publish was just submitted to Glimmer Train's "Short Story Award for New Writers", where it will be competing with an estimated 4,000 other submissions for selection and publication. Yes, I really do think it's that good. If it's not selected, it will be a tough call whether to use it as a "control story" as I test the traditional publishing vs. self-published e-book route for short story writers, or simply to enroll in at once in the Amazon KDP Select program and let the market, rather than editors, decide how good it is.

That said, to meet the original goal, I now need to write, prep, and publish another story by February 21st, all while traipsing across the United States and Europe. Can I do it? Stay tuned to find out!

A few final notes. I've just enrolled Seven Lives to Repay Our Country in the Electronic Text & Literature Cloud (eTLC) - authors and readers, you might like to check out this resource for independent literature, and Wednesday is the time to join Novel Publicity's Author Karma event on Goodreads. Join the group, RSVP to the event, and meet a few more fans and friends.

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  1. Hi Edward. Good to hear I'm not the only one who has to reschedule a few things. Good look with that story too. Exciting! Hope you And good luck with getting that other one done during your travels. You have a lot to do! But at least you should have no shortage of inspiration :)

    Re Shelfari - I liked it before because it linked Amazon with a book club. Now they have the Amazon Kindle page for they. Saying that, its a vibrant community not unlike Goodreads and even if you don't go often, I believe every author should make their own page advertising their books, making buddies and all that. Its a great place to do promos on too, in the same way as you'd use Goodreads (which also use). Do friend me if you like - :)

  2. Thanks, Shah!

    I'll make it a point to pop over to Shelfari and get my author page created... Look for a friend request coming your way soon!

  3. Well, you look like a very busy guy Edward! And you're trying to do all this while you travel? May. Kudos to you. Rescheduling happens. My kids have moved my calendar all around more than once. But determination makes things happen - eventually. Right? I know I am going to see a lot of great things from you in the near future. You strike me as a real go getter.

  4. Thanks for the AuthorKarma shout out. I hope we continue to get bigger and better every single week! Spreading the word is much appreciated :-D

  5. Glimmer Train is an excellent magazine! Need to check out the Author Karma event. I'm still mastering Goodreads.