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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Round of Words, Around the World!

So, wag of the finger to myself - I missed the Sunday check-in last week for ROW80, but in my own defense, I was in Las Vegas, spending a weekend playing rugby and poker with my old teammates from New Mexico State University.

Picked up a few stitches in the upper lip, but had a great time overall. Now down in San Diego where I've been visiting family and friends for the past few days, and am about to drive up to LA to have dinner with more of my many fabulous brothers and sisters before flying out to London, on to Geneva and Naples, and much later, back home to Jakarta.

In the midst of all this, as you might imagine, there hasn't been a lot of writing going on.

I have made the decision to remove Seven Lives to Repay Our Country from Smashwords, and make it a KDP Select title, but I'll explain the rationale for this decision in a later post.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll get back to work on writing and editing at 30,000 feet, but today's all about family and friends. So, thanks for stopping by, and I'll look forward to having a more substantive report on Sunday.

Best to all,

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