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Friday, March 2, 2012


As I've written in previous posts, I've decided to remove Seven Lives to Repay Our Country from distribution through Smashwords and Goodreads, and make it an Amazon KDP Select title, which means for the next 90 days, it's only available through Amazon.

Why the change? Simply put, the book was not selling at all through Barnes & Noble, the IBook Store, or any of the other distribution pipelines provided by Smashwords, nor was it selling on Goodreads.

That, and the success I had with the KDP "free" promotion of Happily Ever After made me decide to re-release Seven Lives... as a KDP Select title to expand total readership, and test the "sales bump" effect of the free promotional days as part of my research for the how-to guide I am currently writing on how to successfully market e-books.

How will this work out?

Time will tell, but I'm quite optimistic. Of course, I'll publish the results here (probably on Sunday) so stay tuned!

Best to all,

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