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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Helicopter Flights & a #ROW80 Update!

Flying the unfriendly skies...
A super-busy week- I've been doing lots of writing - mainly recommendations for Navy Commendation Medals (but I did ghost-write a Bronze Star on behalf of the Commanding General - good times!) Also, editing and writing a variety of letters in an attempt to get my Marines Combat Meritorious Promotions, etc...

It hasn't left a lot of time for other things, but I did go for a ride on a CH-53 helicopter out over the Helmand River Valley to watch one of my Marines re-enlist at 3000 feet - what a great way to end the day!

Of course, the day won't really be over until I post this note, after which time I can grab my gear and go catch a few hours of sleep, but here goes:

- Wrote a smidgen of the Perfidious Mister Wickham
- Wrote a few more pages of Stephen Pressfield’s “The Warrior Ethos”: One Marine Officer’s Critique and Counterpoint… Did some editing and created the cover art... Slowly getting there!

- Put out the 17th issue of the Squadron newsletter – 9 pages of print & pictures!

- Added 10 lbs to my Bench Press…
- Bodyfat still at 13% - gotta work on diet, abs and cardio to get down to 12%...

- Completed my requisite 5 hours of language study, now looking for a C-130 ride to Bagram to test out next month...

- Still looking for 2 people to join my “Core Group” this week – anyone who does will get free books and advance copies of new material in exchange for reviews and critique… Are you interested? If so, leave a note here, or drop me a line directly to

So, that’s it for my goals! How did you do with yours?

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, and is all set for another productive week!

A la prochaine!



  1. Excellent progress on all fronts. Lots of writing and projects completed. I'm fascinated by how well you maintain your steady progress in spite of very different circumstances. It must be the discipline and commitment. May the week go well for you.

  2. Hello Edward. You are achieving lots, as always, I see. I'm exhausted just reading all you have going on. So exciting! Keep it up, best of luck. X


  3. Good week - exciting times. Would love to go back to Afghanistan but as it was back in the 70s. All the best:)