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Sunday, May 12, 2013

#ROW80 Update from a #Warzone!

Everyone smile for the camera! 
Oh, wait, Marines don't smile...
A quiet week in some ways here, a very busy one in others!

Writing awards and orders, finishing up one International Relations class, and preparing to teach another, and taking a 3-day-a-week French class via online video-linked classroom (thanks, Special Operations Command!) so as is often the case, I’m struggling to make time to write, let alone publish or promote!

That said, I have gotten a little bit more done on Steven Pressfield’s “The Warrior Ethos”: One Marine Officer’s Critique & Counterpoint. Shooting for publication before the end of the month, so lots to do with that! And I have to finish the final proofs for my interview in Laurence Raw and Robert G. Dryden’s upcoming book Global Jane Austen: Pleasure, Passion, and Possessiveness in the Jane Austen Community.

So, I trust you’ll pardon the very brief goals update:

- Posted Chapter 29 of The Perfidious Mister Wickham
- Wrote 1500 words on my critique of Pressfield’s The Warrior Ethos.

- Put out the 16th issue of the Squadron newsletter – Mother’s Day edition!

- Added 10 lbs to my Bench Press…
- Bodyfat down to 13.4% - next stop, 12%
- Scored 284 (out of 300) on my latest Physical Fitness Test!

- Got in 5 solid hours of French study this week, 4 of those in a class taught all in French… Je suis un bien eleve!

- Found a couple of people interested in my Core Group! Still looking for more, though – anyone joins will get free books and advance copies of new material in exchange for reviews and critique… Are you interested? If so, leave a note here, or drop me a line directly to

So, that’s it for my goals! How did you do with yours?

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, and is all set for another productive week!

A la prochaine! 


  1. sounds like a very productive week - am the deepest green on account of your fat levels:( - all the best with everything - so much:)

  2. You may be having a bit of a challenge getting time to write and read, but you're still packing in those hours effectively (and getting a lot done).

    Congrats on the fitness test and all the other great news. What is the average score for one of those? Is this super cheer zone? *crosses fingers*

    Keep writing, keep doing... You know the drill.

  3. Wow, you got a lot done. Tres magnifique!

    Best wishes getting more writing time. It's so hard to fit it all in, isn't it?