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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday ROW80 Update - Goals!

Thanks to everyone (Steph, Shan, and Gloria) who made suggestions on my last post regarding their approaches to setting goals...

I shall indeed plan to build on my past success (French, physical fitness) and work on areas where I didn't do so well last time around.

But, as usual, I'm going to build my goal set in a format that should appear familiar to anyone who's followed my past ROW80 adventures.

- Post one Chapter of The Perfidious Mister Wickham each week.
- Post at least one ROW80 update
- Post at least once on my GypsyDangerously blog
- Finish The Artillerists (short story)
- Finish Ho B-52 (short story)
- Finish Merry Christmas, Mister Washington (short story)

- Publish Ho B-52 (short story)
- Start the Parasol Books imprint

- Run two 5K races
- One yoga class per week (flexibility)

- Teach French for 2 hours per week
- Teach Indonesian for 2 hours per week

- Begin dating
- Go on 5 “bucket list” adventures

- Spend 5 hour per week on Social Media (Twitter, FB, blogs, etc...)
- Join Lowcountry RWA

- Join Air B&B
- Reduce my personal carbon footprint

It's an interesting set of goals, for an interesting time. So, I do hope you'll join me here occasionally to see how I progress through the next few months, as winter comes to the Lowcountry and my cozy little boat rocks gently at her moorings.


  1. That's an awesome list of goals! I wasn't sure about your time frame, though. You'll see your progress more clearly if your goals are broken down into what you can do during a week. However, at least you know what you want to get done. So many people just drift along. Keep us posted on how you do. Best wishes for this week's success!

  2. Five hours a day on Social Media? Wow! I can't speak for your situation, but if I were to spend five hours a day on social media, I wouldn't get anything else done all day.

    As for the rest of your goals... they look good, Edward. Expansive, interesting and good for the long haul. Hope to see great things happening here as the ROWnd progresses.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    First, I should note that it was supposed to be "5 hours per week" - not per day... Ooops! Thanks for catching that - I went back and corrected that goal... As for the time-frame, Kathrese, you make a great point about focusing on a week's worth of progress at a time. I'll make an effort to address that in a coming post! Thanks for the good wishes, and the same back atcha!