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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday #ROW80 Update

What’s new this week?

A little progress on the writing front – I’ve finished 2 Chapters of The Perfidious Mister Wickham, and will probably get this week’s chapter posted either tomorrow or Tuesday... This counts as my ROW80 update, and I actually got a good bit of editing done on my critique of Steven Pressfield’s The Warrior Ethos.

I also got in my yoga class for the week, and though I’m not teaching language (yet) I did study both Russian and French, and in fact I found a neat, free tool for anyone learning a Romance language - French, Italian, Spanish, etc. - - so far I've done the basic course (4 lessons) for French, and I really like it!

As for dating, I think I’m going to take that one a bit slow... The gene pool seems to be a little shallow around here, but who knows, perhaps I’ll be happily surprised.

No bucket list adventures to report, but I did have a good time up in Charleston with my little brother, playing Dominant Species and watching the UFC fight...

And I got nothing much done  in terms of networking or the new economy, but I listened to some greatTED Talks on a playlist featuring conversations about the open-source future.

A short update, but it is what it is... In the coming week I’ll focus on:
- Posting Chapter 32 of The Perfidious Mister Wickham,
- Posting on GypsyDangerously
- Final edits and e-publishing of Ho B-52 (short story)

I’ll have to squeeze in one weekday yoga class so that I can get up early to Charleston next Saturday to run in the rUndead 5K, and try to make sure I get around to:
-  Scheduling language classes for my Marines
- Joining Lowcountry RWA
- Joining AirBNB

- Reducing my personal carbon footprint by getting a kayak and paddling to work...

But all that requires some rest, so off to bed I go!

Wishing everyone a happy and productive week,



  1. Okay, anyone who can kayak to work has my vote. Gee! That sounds fun. So carry on by all means and don't sweat the "dating" stuff. IMHO, making friends is the best first step; you don't want to enter a romantic relationship with someone you don't know. Dating is like the worst way to "get to know" anyone because it's an artificial environment where both parties put on their best face. Much better to get to know someone in more organic ways BEFORE that first date. I've been married for 30+ years to my best friend so I speak from experience. Anyway, back to writing...

    Mr. Wickham made my skin crawl in P & P, so youre title perfect. Have a great ROW80 week.

    1. Thanks, Kathrese!

      You're the best sponsor I've had for a ROW yet - keep up the awesome work! I have posted the latest chapter, so if you'd like to see the worst of Wickham, you have to go no farther than

      Happy writing!