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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Sunday #ROW80 Update!

One of the medals for an award
that I wrote up this week...
So, it’s been a week or more since my last update… Bad author! Bad!

But I’ve accomplished a few things while I’ve been running silent, running deep…

- Posted Chapter 33 of The Perfidious Mister Wickham
- Posted this ROW80 Update!
- Put up a new post on my GypsyDangerously blog…

I’ve also been accepted as a contributor to the blog for The Marine Corps Gazette (the professional journal of the United States Marine Corps) and my sister has asked me to help co-author an article for Foreign Affairs.

On top of all that, I’ve been busy writing at work – a Meritorious Service Medal nomination (3 pages) and a Legion of Merit nomination (4 pages) – an author’s work is never done!

- Pulled off a bucket list adventure racing NASCAR’s around the short track up in Myrtle Beach (pictures to follow one of these days!)

- Joined the national Romance Writers of America (RWA) – now I just need to join the local chapter… If this seems like an odd move, it’s because The Perfidious Mister Wickham has elements that will appeal to the same readers that RWA authors generally cater to…

- Join Air B&B – complete! Now I just need to get my little vessel ship-shape so I can start bringing in guests from time to time!
- Reduce my personal carbon footprint – I found a lovely little dinghy that comes with a sail, oars, and the mounting block for a little solar-powered electric motor that I plan to install – so, for the cost of about 8 tanks of gas, I should have carbon-free waterborne transportation to work here very shortly!

So, a vaguely productive period of time, but there’s still a lot more to be done in the last 6 weeks of this Round of Words. I’ll be quite honest that I’ve been having difficulty meeting some of my goals, so to ensure they don’t fall through the cracks, I’ll be creating 6 weeks worth of little checklists and making sure that I’m marking something relevant off every day!


  1. Your post reminds me that no matter how we might skip a check-in on ROW80, if we work at it, we make progress! Congrats on all the writing you've accomplished. May you have a good day tomorrow (Veteran's Day), and an exceptional week ahead.


  2. Sounds like you've been keeping yourself very busy, Edward. And though some might blink, I think that joining the RWA is probably a great move.

    An odd question... If you could, would you be willing to share the info on that electric boat motor? Thanks in advance, though I totally understand if you get side-tracked too (though it might make a cool blog post for you to write in the non-existent free time you have).

  3. Eden, your wish is granted! You'll find a little post about the Electric Boat project here:

    If you want more technical details, just let me know!

    Best regards,