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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Facebook Promotion Payoff and a #ROW80 Update!

Adopting a Napoleonesque pose
at the Marine Corps Ball
A busy week gone by, and the little checklists have so far paid dubious dividends… Even the simple things, like “Drink 2 liters of water” are going undone, often as not. Of course, it was an odd week, what with an impromptu send-off party for a fellow officer headed to Afghanistan and my squadron’s Marine Corps Birthday Ball on Thursday night, but even so!

That said, I did get a good bit of writing done, so salvaged that end of things… I also did a little experiment, putting $5.00 of promotional money toward the Facebook post on Chapter 34 of The Perfidious Mister Wickham… The result? So far, with only about $2.50 spent, over 1000 people have seen the Facebook post, and over 100 have visited the book page – an all-time high!

With the book running an estimated 45-50 chapters, about $50 should theoretically bring in quite a lot of potential readers and future customers. Worth the price of admission? I think so, but does anyone else have experience with this feature on Facebook?

- Posted Chapter 34 of The Perfidious Mister Wickham
- Posted this ROW80 Update!
- Put up a new post on my GypsyDangerously blog…
- Wrote most of Chapter 35 of The Perfidious Mister Wickham.
- Wrote about a third of a non-fiction piece for Foreign Affairs.

- Attended yoga class on Saturday
- Tracked down a local rugby club to play for.

- Well, old economic – put in an offer on a pair of little rental condos in Hilton Head!
- Reduce my personal carbon footprint – I got the electric motor and battery for my little dinghy, and took her out for a spin – read the wholestory here!

So, another somewhat useful week, but lots to do still – will put the little checklists to the test this coming week, where my big goal is to get Ho B-52 published and promoted!

Wish me luck!


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  1. I haven't tried Facebook ads yet, but I'm encouraged my your post. I hope you'll keep sharing your results. Hope it continues to be a positive marketing technique for you!