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Sunday, April 8, 2012

ROW80 Round 2 - Checking in from Kuala Lumpur!

Well, the first few days of ROW80 have been productive enough. While traveling around Malaysia, I've found the time to finish all the chapters of my novel that are required for this second round, so anything done in the next 70-odd days in that regard will be icing on the cake. I've also done a decent job of keeping up on the fitness and French study goals; knocked out a few more pages on "Charming", popped over to Author Karma and did my 30 minutes of networking, and have drafted an analysis of my latest KDP Select promotion which I'll post up here in a day or two. Major milestones listed below. Looking forward to seeing how everyone else is doing this week!

- Write 6 Chapters of “The Notorious Mister Wickham” - 100%
- Finish “Charming” - 80%

- Build my Core Group to 25 people - 8%

- Run 3 KDP Select Promotions - 33%

1 comment:

  1. I long for the day I get to post from somewhere exotic!!! Something to aim for :)

    Well done on getting your writing done, it is so tough when you are travelling but you obviously have managed to find a way to make it work. Keep up the good work!