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Sunday, April 15, 2012

ROW80 Check-In!

So, it's that time of the week again!

It's been a productive, if somewhat stressful week; leaving tonight for Australia, so lots to do to get ready for that trip, and even more administrative paperwork in preparation for planned trips to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China in May. So, lots of writing done this week, but little of the fun sort!

OK, so looking at the formal goals:

- Did a bit of work on “A Matter of Honor” and “Charming”

- Created a draft cover for "A Matter of Honor"
(Yes, I know, technically that wasn't on the list, but I'm giving myself credit for it!)

- 20 minutes of basic fitness per day - Hit this goal!

- A bit touch and go with my French studies this week... Merde!

- Spend 30 minutes a week on the “Author Karma” page getting caught up - Done!
- Build my “Core Group” to 25 people - Sent out 2 more invites...

So, that's the update... Looking forward to getting in a good bit of writing and editing while I'm traveling around the next few weeks (long plane flights are good for something) and will of course look forward to seeing how everyone else is progressing with their goals.

Best to all,


  1. Hi Edward. Wow you have a lot to do and a lot of travelling to get in the way/enjoy too. I have visitors on and off all year, as always. And they come a long way/spend a lot to et here, so I find it difficult not to do 'holiday' mode with them. This is bad for my purse and m writing of course. But you are away from home! Kudos.

    As I said on my own blog, I have found Triberr certainly helps with sharing your post to as many people as possible, while you do little more than approve posts and send them off (once a day, couple of minutes). My only issue is buying bones. Grr! Regarding which groups to join, I have one (very small - five female authors writing paranormal/horror) and I'm in another one - called rantravewrite - - I told her your name as she's looking for more members, but to invite you I think she'll need you Twitter handle and I can't see it on your blog? I'm a member of another one, big - but that is again for paranormal readers/authors. Not your thing I imagine, and as you'd want to guarantee to be shared, you need the group to be relevant to your genre in part.

    I checked out the link you provided and it looks great - I'll have to find an hour to write a good profile before I sign up proper. I usually spend a few mins copy/pasting one from Google :) but this seems to require a little more than that.

    Best of luck with your goals and travelling. X

  2. I am noticing how a lot of people have been putting other goals down - Are you finding that helps to keep on track? Let me know. I may have to update my goals. Great job!

  3. Yes, Twitter handle! The bones thing is a bit of a bummer, but as Shah said, we would love to expand - I'd prefer to extend deliberate invitations from referrals - my Twitter handle is @rantravewrite if you want to hit me up with a DM for an invite.

  4. @ Michelle - Yes, when I did the first round, I just had writing-specific goals, but then I saw a lot of people include fitness and other self-improvement items! I like it, because it sort of holds you accountable, which I need, esp. for my French studies!

    @ Lynnette - Followed you and sent a Tweet! I'd love to join Write-Read-Repeat, and thanks in advance for the invite!

    @Shah - Thanks for the networking help! I do need to work on making my blog a little better in terms of social networking widgets (and beautify it a'la yours!) One of these days..

    Best to everyone, FYI, if you're going to show up in a city at 3 in the morning and then wander around for a few hours before your hotel lets you check in, Perth, Australia, is not a bad place to do it!