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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Round of Words Check-In, 1-15

So, one week down, and what a week it's been! Rescued 3 tiny kittens and found them all new homes (two are still with me until Monday, the little scamps) finished several online courses that were prerequisites for the training that I'm doing back in the US in the next few weeks, and have booked the flights that will take me around the world during January and February for training in South Carolina and Rhode Island, rugby in Las Vegas, and a wedding in London, among other things... Also scored a try in the Jakarta Komodo's opening rugby game of the new year, and sorted out boots and jerseys for the 14 orphans that I'm sponsoring to play junior rugby.

Despite the overall busyness of the week, I'm happy to also be able to report progress on the writing front, thanks to my ROW80 goals set last week. I've only listed the ones that are due, overdue, or completed.

1. Submit 1 book proposal

  • Finish Description: 9 Jan
  • Finish Market Overview: 10 Jan
  • Review and describe competition: 11 Jan
  • Write Outline of Content: 12 Jan - Overdue
  • Write Sample Chapter: 13 Jan - Overdue

2. Publish 1 non-fiction book.

  • Translate all material: 10 Jan

I did miss the Wednesday check-in, which is too bad, because that is a regular blogging day for me, though it's usually tied to a blog hop that I participate in. I think that I can roll a ROW80 update in during future weeks without much trouble, though, so look for my first Wednesday ROW80-related post next week.

A reasonably good week; although I fell short on 2 goals, I did make progress on both - about 50% complete, and with a bit of luck, I'll be able to finish them both tomorrow.

A trend I noticed last week when I went around other blogs was that people are using ROW80 to motivate and track other goals, including health, fitness, and networking. I think that's an admirable and very useful approach, so I'll sketch out a few similar goals here and update them along with the writing projects in the weeks to come.

5. Health & Fitness.

  • Bench Press 100 kg : 23 Jan
  • Gain 5 kg: 10 Feb
  • Run 6-min miles: 31 Mar

6. Learn French.

  • (sub-tasks to be described later)

Well, that's it for me tonight, as it is late night in Jakarta. Time to give my kittens a bedtime snack and tuck them in, then do the same for myself.

Best to all,

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  1. Great job on a productive week--and on helping the kittens too!