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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Blog Hop, ROW80 Update, and a Question...

Well, it's Wednesday again, which means a short post to welcome visitors from the Blog Hop, provide a quick update on my ROW80 goals, and try to keep the conversation interesting by posing a question for my visitors...

Question first. Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and Steven King all released novels in serialized form; what do you think are the advantages or disadvantages of a novel being released a chapter at a time in electronic form these days? Here are some specific issues: Free, or paid? And if paid, a one-time up-front fee, or a per-installment fee? What about format? Would you read it if it was released as a blog (readable online or on the Kindle, for example) or do you have another suggestion for formatting? And finally, interval... One chapter per week? More or less material, more or less often?

Am very curious to hear your thoughts on the subject. As an author, I think a serialized release would help keep me focused on on track with the writing of a novel, and might help build publicity in advance of the full release. Now, a quick update on ROW80 (if you don't know what that is, click here for details) - highly recommended for all writers!

Finished one overdue item on my book proposal, and hit a fitness goal (run a 6-minute mile) but still overdue on completing the sample chapter for the book proposal, and now overdue on editing the 100-some pages of my translated non-fiction book.

So, still running behind on the book proposal front, and will be dangerously close to missing more deadlines soon. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of a round-the world trip (writing this from Tokyo) and the preparation for that has thrown my writing schedule a bit off. Nonetheless, I'm confident that I'll be on track at the end of the 80-day period...

Looking forward to seeing how everyone else is doing, and hearing your thoughts on serialization.

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  1. If you're talking self-pub, serialize can be ok. For traditional, it's a no-no because you've already "published" it. I guess it all depends on what you're trying to do. You can always do a related serialized story but not post the one you're writing for the book.

  2. I think the idea of a serialized book is a very interesting one. I am feeding chapters to my crit partner right now, and it feels like I am serializing my novel right now, LOL. I love the e-books can allow us all to think outside the box about these things. Like little side novellas about lesser characters in the book, and things like that. Things to keep our fans interested. I think that writers who aren't thinking about all the possibilities of publishing e-books might find themselves behind the eight ball. :)

    If I were serializing, I would not release any material until the book was complete and edited. Otherwise, I would be setting myself up for digging myself into a plot hole that I couldn't get out of.

    I would probably offer the first part for free, and then offer each next piece at a small charge. I don't know if I would do it chapter by chapter, or larger chunks.

    If I were doing it, I wouldn't do it on a blog. I would legitimize it by offering it in e-book form.

    But, these are all my opinion, and I haven't ever self published anything, so I am probably not the best one to ask.

    I think it is awesome that you are thinking of these ideas--I think of them all day long. :)

    Awesome job on the 6-minute mile! Sweet. And I think it very challenging that you are traveling, and still trying to hit goals. Good for you!

  3. I think that sounds really interesting, actually!! Anything can happen in the publishing world... why not "publish" a chapter at a time?! It would be tricky figuring out how to charge, I would think. Maybe a rising cost per chapter so more people could try it out and the author would make more for writing well? TV shows that leave me hanging for the next installment are my favorite kind, nowadays... why not books?!

    Thx for hopping by my site on the Hop!! :-)

  4. Thanks to everyone for their insights! Will bear it all in mind as I debate the "serialization question" in the future! Hope you've all had a great weekend, and are all set for another productive week!


  5. Posted on behalf of Ruth Nestvold...


    Good question, Edward. What Ryan said. If you're self-pubbing, you also have to take into consideration Heather's comments about writing yourself into a plot hole. But if your normal writing method doesn't include massive revisions, it might be a very interesting way of keeping oneself on track.

    Me, I *would* post serializations on my blog, and I *wouldn't* charge for it. People who really enjoy what you're writing would probably pay the price of the ebook to get the whole thing at once.

    Just a couple of thoughts. Good luck!


    Ruth Nestvold